Thursday, November 17, 2011

Landon is 1 month old!

Well, Mr. Landon will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. I know 5 weeks sounds so short, but I feel like he's been here forever and can't believe he's already a month old! It is still pretty crazy around here, but we are all definitely adjusting. Max has his good days and bad days. He truly adores his little brother, but for someone who has been the easiest kid ever, he has seriously been acting out lately. I know the baby is a huge life change for him, and I'm sure this is to be expected, but it certainly hasn't been easy. He loves helping me out with Landon, and he is always talking to him and hugging and kissing on him, but he does not get as much attention from mommy right now and I think that's what has been hard on him.
Landon is a good baby and so sweet. I just love that little, chunky face. :o) Since birth though, he wakes up every three hours almost on the dot. He also has his moments where he is so restless and nothing I do can get that boy to sleep. With him getting up every three hours, I really count on those three hours to sleep myself, so when he's done eating and doesn't go back to sleep, that's rough! There have been nights where I've gotten maybe an hour, sometimes no sleep. He has stomach issues as well. His little belly is so sensitive and even the smallest gas bubble hurts him really bad. Very sad for me. It's so hard when they're that little and can't understand why they feel that way, and when there's only so much I can do, it just breaks my heart.
This last week he has been starting to smile, which is an exciting milestone. Seeing that tiny little face looking at me and then a big grin just come across his face... I mean come on! Best.thing.ever. Seriously, being a mommy... I can't even describe the joy it brings me. I'll take the sleepless nights for those two boys any day. SO worth it!
Oh, remember how I said nothing I do gets Landon to sleep when he's restless? I did discover a trick just last night! Michael Buble. God bless him! Landon was in his swing, crying away. I needed to get dinner started. I knew he was just wanting me to hold him, so I was trying to just let him fuss it out, but that boy is persistent, let me tell ya. His swing has a little iPod hookup so I plugged in my iPhone and turned on Michael's Christmas album. Instant silence. He heard Christmas music, I heard the Hallelujah chorus! Michael is currently serenading my sleeping boy now! :o)
Alright, that means I need to wrap this up and take advantage of both boys sleeping and tackle that pile of laundry on the couch that's taunting me. Blah.

Here's my boy at 1 month!

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