Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wake Me Up When September Ends!

Well, I had my next to last 2 week check up today. The lovely exams start next appointment. Oh joy! :/ And that will be my last 2 week check up! 4 weekly check ups after that, and then baby day! 6 more weeks, people! It's so unbelievable! This pregnancy is already feeling like such a blur! I'm excited, but I have so much anxiety for some reason. I really hope it's just the crazy prego hormones! I still have things to get done, but I'm fairly confident they will get done, so I really don't know what there is to worry about. I have been praying for peace a lot these days. :o) If you're reading this, please pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby. He will be here VERY soon!
On a lighter note and completely different subject, I ordered a Bissell steam mop the other day. You can tell I'm a wife and mommy due to the excitement I have over a steam mop. lol What is more exciting is amazon had it for an excellent price! $30 cheaper than in stores! So by the time I spent my gift cards that I won through Swagbucks, and I mail in the rebate it comes with, I will have only paid $12 and some cents for it! My mom has the same one, and she spent 100 bucks for it!
And because she has one, and I've borrowed it several times, I know I'm getting a great product that works fabulously! :o) Super excited! :o) No more mop and bucket for me. Woot!

Ok folks, remember to keep me and baby boy in your prayers over next few weeks! We both would greatly appreciate it. :o)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Life will always get crazier

I was an excellent blogger before I had Max. I was a regular on Xanga, then totally slacked off when I got pregnant. Since then, life has just been to busy and crazy to blog. I miss it, and have tried to pick it back up several times, but have failed.
Call me crazy, but I'm going to give it another go! Right before I deliver another baby! Yyyep... I'm nuts. lol
But speaking of baby, it's just a matter of weeks now before he is here! My c-section is scheduled for October 14th, bright and early. I felt like I had a bond with Max before he was even born. He is all I had to think about and focus on! I feel bad, because with Max and the house and all the other things that keep me busy, I haven't had much time to think about life with two children! I know when he gets here, the bond will come shortly after. It's definitely different though. I just want him to be here.
In other news, I have been doing yard work for the past two weekends. 7 months pregnant and in this heat. I want it to look good because I know we're going to have plenty of visitors when baby arrives. We have no grass though. It's pathetic. There wasn't much when we moved in over a year ago, so we didn't have much to work with, but we have sure tried! We will most likely have to re-seed or re-sod in the near future. Meanwhile, the inside of the house is a disaster. Everyone will just have to meet the baby outside! haha. No, no. But I have quite a bit to do in just 8 weeks. It's so overwhelming and my energy level is below zero, but I'm trying to keep moving! Go Tracy!! lol!
Wow, what a rant this is. I will have to spruce up my blog page later. I know it's empty, but no time to pretty it up now. Back to the real world. Thanks for reading! :o)