Sunday, October 30, 2011

The New "Normal"

I actually have a few minutes to sit down and write a post!...<--- After I typed that sentence, my mom called, Max needed help going potty and Landon started fussing. Haha!
This may take all day to write, but I'm determined to get a post in!

What a CRAZY 2 weeks this has been! Landon Carter Pelkey was born October 14, 2011 at 7:57am, weighing in like a champ at a whopping 10 lbs 2 oz!!! We were all pretty shocked. Max was a big baby (9lbs 6 oz), but he was a week late. I knew Landon would be a big baby but he was a week early, so I didn't think he would be as big as Max. Much to our surprise, he was bigger! I was a little out of it when they first told me, and I remember coming out of my fog and thinking "there's no way I heard that right..." and asked the nurse, "How big did you say he was?" I definitely heard it right the first time. Crazy!

Everything went well with the delivery. It was right after that when things got crazy. I had a ton of blood clots in my uterus which caused me to be in recovery for over 4 hours! It was a very exhausting, painful experience. I'll spare you the details. From the few people I know who have had multiple c-sections, the recovery was a lot easier the second time around, so I was really counting on it being the same for me. Nope! It was seriously the most painful experience I've ever had. Even during the actual c-section, the spinal started wearing off before they even got Landon out, so I was seriously hurting. With Max I could feel everything but no pain. Just pressure. Not this time. It was killer, and the anesthesiologist wasn't able to give me anything for the pain until they got the baby out.

When I came home, I was running a fever pretty much that whole week. It's already kind of a blur. Thank goodness Jeff was home to help. I wouldn't have survived. There's so much more that happened just in our first week home, but again, I'll spare you the details. Thank the Lord I am finally starting to feel like my old self! Which is good since my new son isn't a fan of sleep at night time. It's such a different experience than the one I had with Max. Max was seriously the most content baby. He slept all the time and slept anywhere you laid him. He was sleeping through the night by 3 1/2 weeks. Landon on the other hand, gets so restless at night. He sleeps great when either one of us are holding him, but as soon as you lay him down...boom. He's awake. He is a sweet, sweet baby but he wants to be held all the time, and it definitely wears me out. His eating schedule gets a little wacky too. For the most part, he eats every 3 hours, but so many times he will eat, then an hour later want to eat again, and then again two hours after that. So it makes things a little difficult sometimes.

I am not complaining though! I am so very thankful for our little man and am so in love with him! We are all adjusting to our new, busier, sleep deprived lives. :o) It's crazy, but it's wonderful! Max absolutely adores his new, little brother. He's already so protective over him, constantly watching over him. He loves holding his hand and rubbing his head. He's such a big help to me too! He's my fetcher of diapers, blankets, etc... and he's always so happy to help. He has his moments of frustration too. When Landon is having a crying fit, Max is not a fan of him at all! lol

Right now, I'm just trying to figure out how to juggle a toddler, an infant and an insane amount of house work. It's difficult, but I'm managing and I know I'll get the hang of it in time. :o)

Going from one kid to two is definitely a big change. I miss all the time I had with Max. It has just been us for over three years and now I can't spend that same kind of time with him. Thankfully he seems to be handling it okay, and one day him and Landon will be able to play together, which will be so wonderful. They are so blessed to have each other. And we are soooo blessed to have Max and Landon!!!

By the way, I started this post on Friday afternoon. It is now Sunday evening. Just to give you an idea of how busy I am these days. lol

I will try my very best to post a picture blog as soon as I can of our new little guy. But for now, he sleeps, so I must make the most of this time and get my kitchen cleaned! ;o)

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